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Earthquake early warning Alarm

Item No.  : 390

Sub Category:: Home Appliances

Price: 4 RS (Negotiable)

Posted By: Other, 3 yearss ago

Description For:   Earthquake early warning Alarm

As you know Earthquake has become a common phenomenon in Asia Pacific region due to movement of Himalayan plates.

Here is the devices which can help detect earthquake before damaging waves hit your area so that you can vacate the premises well in time and can avoid loss and injuries to lives. It has got an automated sensor and alarm which can warn the premise residents to take safe cover or move to a safer location.

This device works on the concept of P wave and S wave.
This is just like fire alarm, it will alarm you in case of Earthquake and 1-40 sec prior. In some of the countries government have recommendations to install these devices. Since Delhi is on Zone 4, so it becomes important to have these at every place.


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