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Driving Classes

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Course Description
The Right Way will introduce you to driving and the responsibilities that go along with it. This is a program that places emphasis on Traffic Safety Education. You will learn how driver education and driver’s licensing programs can help you become a responsible, low-risk driver.

Teen Programs:

All teens between the ages of 16 and 18 are required by law to complete 30 hours of class room instructions as well as 6 hours of in-car instruction with a certified driver's ed. instructor. In addition all students must document that have a minimum of 40 hours of practice time and 10 of those hours are done at night.

Adult 6X6 Program:

This program is designed to provide behind-the-wheel training that is individually tailored to the students' level of skill. In addition to individual driving instructions, information will be provided and discussed concerning such topics as the effects of alcohol and drugs, sharing the road and driving in adverse conditions. Our goal is to instill a desire and ability for students to become competent and safe drivers.

In partnership with the DMV, The Right Way Driving School is authorized to test an adult 6X6 driver education course graduate for an operators's license if the student has never failed a Vermont road test. There will be no extra charge for this service. However, the instructor reserves the right to NOT administer the road test. In such cases the student will be referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles for testing.


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